Undergraduate Student

Kayla Lash

Kayla is a senior chemistry major interested in working in the cosmetic industry in research and development. She works with Tesia on the Samarium project. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys running, doing makeup, and cooking.

Matthew Thoonkuzhy

Matthew is a sophomore at Lehigh University in the 7-Year BA/MD program and minoring in Health, Medicine, and Society. He is working with Caroline on the titanium project. In his free time, Matthew likes to take pictures, Indian cultural dance, and draw.

Anna Li

Anna is a rising junior, majoring in Chemistry at Lehigh University. She is working with Tesia on the Samarium project. In her free time, Anna likes drawing, reading, writing Chinese calligraphy, and cooking.

Kyle Schipper

Kyle is a rising junior at Lehigh, majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in economics. He's also a varsity rower for the school, which he walked onto his freshman year (as opposed to being recruited). He's from Wayne Pennsylvania and is working with Godfred to help him with the titanocene project.

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